Education & Research

Hawaii Hospital Education & Research Foundation (HHERF)

HHERF is a separate 501c3 organization that promotes, sponsors and conducts health field research through educational programs and the accumulation/dissemination of health information, and conducts hospital preparedness exercises for public health emergencies.

HAH works in partnership with HHERF to fulfill the Emergency Services needs in the state, as well as for education and scholarship programs related to healthcare.

Hawaii Healthcare Emergency Management (HHEM)

Hawaii Healthcare Emergency Management (HHEM) is a statewide all hazards comprehensive healthcare coalition emergency management program within the Hawaii Hospital Education and Research Foundation (HHERF), a part of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii (HAH), that works in partnership with the Hawaii Department of Health’s Public Health Preparedness Branch. HHEM is funded by the federal government.

HHEM provides healthcare emergency management services that include statewide integrated healthcare communication and information sharing systems, the coordination of healthcare response and recovery operations, administration of the statewide patient tracking system,  deployment of a variety of emergency medical response teams and various strike teams, the mobilization of healthcare delivery systems such as field hospitals, logistic support and coordination, medical countermeasure deployment, planning and preparedness activities such as training, workshops, tabletops, and functional and full scale exercises to more than 165 healthcare coalition members throughout the state of Hawaii.

These include hospitals, long term care facilities, assisted living facilities, home care and hospice, community health centers, air and ground ambulance, ambulatory surgical centers, blood banks and clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical, medical gas and durable medical equipment providers. These healthcare emergency management services are provided in close collaboration with the State Department of Health and other federal, state, and county agencies.

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Annually in the spring, HHERF publishes application guidelines for healthcare scholarships.

Joint Commission Resources Education

Annually, HHERF offers a custom education session of the latest hospital accreditation standard updates presented by Joint Commission Resources faculty.