Strategic Plan

2011-2015 Strategic Plan

Utilizing the intelligence that emerged from extensive member and stakeholder research, HAH has developed revised mission and vision statements, strategies to strengthen member and association success, and major priorities and performance commitments that underpin each strategy.

2011-2015 Strategy Framework for Member Success

1. Reimbursement

Medicare and Medicaid are consistently under threat from legislators and administrative agencies. It is no surprise that, when polled, opposing these cuts is the number one priority of HAH membership. The Association will develop a legislative and policy agenda that not only opposes cuts to reimbursement but identifies areas and develops initiatives which support improved Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.


2. Elevate association’s profile, and increase public confidence in and knowledge about healthcare

Community leaders, media and the public at large are often unclear about how the healthcare industry works, the services our members provide, the challenges they face and the role of the Association. This lack of understanding frequently leads to public policies which adversely impact our member providers, generates poor public opinion, and misrepresentation in the media. The Association will develop a public relations strategy which gives the decision makers, the people of Hawaii and the media an accurate portrayal of and education about the state of our healthcare delivery system while highlighting the role of the Association.


3. Develop a quality program

It is obvious that  quality improvement and outcomes have become, and will continue to be, a focus of federal and state legislators and regulatory agencies. There will be rewards for achieving and exceeding guidelines and penalties for non-compliance. As such HAH will formulate and implement strategies for member organizations to collaborate in providing quality healthcare.


4. Educate members on Affordable Care Act implementation

ACA is over 2000 pages long and states “the Secretary shall” one thousand and fifty one times. The new law will be implemented through 2020. Given the amount of new and ever changing information associated with the new law, HAH will provide members with the education necessary to implement the Affordable Care Act in a manner which enhances the care they provide to their patients and the way they develop their organizations.


5. Support members’ community needs assessment requirements and opportunities

Beginning in 2012 the ACA requires non-profit hospitals to conduct a community health needs assessment that takes into account input from persons who represent the broad interests of the community served by a hospital, including those with special knowledge of, or expertise in, public health. This information will be made widely available to the public. The ACA does not prohibit hospitals from “pooling” resources to conduct these assessments. HAH will educate members on the demands of the Affordable Care Act and assist them in creating models and identifying opportunities to work across the continuum.


Read the full strategic plan here:

Vision 2015: Shaping the Healthcare Association of Hawaii Future May 2011