2018 Social Worker & Chaplain Skills Series 1 of 3: Differentiating Grief from Depression

July 12, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

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Social workers and chaplains play a vital role in distinguishing between grief and depression.  Is the person sad because of a recent terminal diagnosis?  Are there other cognitive or behavioral manifestations to address?  Has there been an earlier diagnosis of depression?  If so, does your team know how to integrate the diagnosis into the treatment plan?  Grief and depression have different management strategies. This webinar will explain how to differentiate them, explore potential interventions by social workers and chaplains, and recommend how to include and guide team members.


  • Define and differentiate grief from depression
  • Examine and compare diagnostic criteria versus common responses to terminal illness
  • Differentiate between complex/complicated grief and depression
  • Appropriate course of treatment for grief versus depression
  • Tendency to medicalize grief and pathways around it
  • Skills/knowledge base checklist exercise
  • Follow-up exercise for teams
  • Handout with additional lecture notes
  • Extensive resource list

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While this informative webinar is designed for social workers and chaplains, all hospice team members and managers will benefit from this important information.

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