2018 Volunteer Manager Series 2 of 3: Asserting Your Value as a Volunteer Manager

March 15, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

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Do you feel valued as a volunteer manager?  Are you included in decisions that affect your department?  Are you confident about what you bring to the table?  Do you need to better define and manage how others perceive you?  This webinar will explore how to take a more assertive approach within your department, with other departments, and with team members and volunteers.  Learn why an aggressive approach usually produces negative results, while being more assertive can invite discussion.  Determine how you can make improvements and be included in decision-making.


  • Common obstacles volunteer managers face
  • Delineating and taking responsibility for skills and knowledge base
  • Differentiating between aggressive and assertive approaches
  • Assessing personality strengths and potential challenges
  • Problem-solving approaches
  • Current and potential challenges assessment exercise
  • Skills/knowledge base checklist exercise
  • Examples differentiating aggressive and assertive approaches
  • Personality assessment exercise, including a volunteer version
  • Handout with additional lecture notes
  • Resources for key topics

This informative webinar is designed for volunteer managers, hospice administrators, and other managers.  While the content is specific to the role of volunteer managers, the information on taking a more assertive approach will benefit all team members.