Best Practices and Success Stories: Native Hawaiian Updates about E Ola Mau Assessment

February 16, 2018 @ 12:00 pm


Papa Ola Lokahi have been tasked with the re-assessment of outcomes from the E Ola Mau a Mau assessment. Learn about the initiatives that Papa Ola Lokahi is undertaking to improve the health and wellbeing of Native Hawaiian people and communities. This includes success stories from the Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act. Link to key references found at

Learning Objectives:
1. Review the updates of the E Ola Mau a Mau Assessment report.
2. Summarize best practices and recommendations that have positively influenced Native Hawaiians.
3. Share success stories from Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act including Resource Mapping Project.

Trainer is Sheri Daniels, EdD, CSAC, Executive Director of Papa Ola Lokahi.
Dr. Sheri Daniels’ bio is below.