Best Practices for Compliant Social Media Opportunities

July 5, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

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Social media’s role in healthcare is rapidly evolving from an optional marketing tool to a necessary channel of communication and branding. Social media covers a wide variety of sites and content, and patients and families use it to research and make decisions in their healthcare journey.  Organizations must be diligent in this ever-changing world to harness and use social media effectively.  Integrating and leveraging social media strategically, home health and hospice organizations can reach target audiences, boost patient engagement, enhance branding, and improve outcomes.

Join us to learn how to develop objectives, stay compliant, and define success. This session will also address how customer service can create a better experience for your patients, families, and referral sources.


  • How to get started using social media
  • The most effective social media sites for home health and hospice providers
  • How to brand your organization
  • Components of a robust social media presence and strategy
  • How to increase visibility
  • Laws impacting social media and networking activities
  • Reference links, useful websites and platforms

This informative session would be best suited to owner/operators, administrators, sales and marketing leaders, communications and strategic business development leaders and any staff member who would like to learn more about how to engage and be active on social media and stay compliant.

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