HR Strategies – Hawaii Hiring & Managing Employees In 2018 & Beyond Practical Strategies For Neighbor Island Employers

March 21, 2018 @ 7:00 am – 4:25 pm
The Maui Beach Hotel

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As the U.S. and Hawaii economies continuing to grow – with an administration goal of 4% GDP growth and Trump-imposed limits on immigration, the competition for experienced employees in Hawaii, if not already intense, will require an aggressive and creative approach to reruitment strategies.

By November 30th, 2017, Hawaii’s total available workforce totaled 684,340 of which 670,317 were employed, leaving 14,023 unemployed full-time, part-time & temporary workers.  Consequently, at 2.04% of the workforce Hawaii has reached what is considered as Full Employment.  So, where do we go from here.

As the lure of increased revenue and profits are the goals of every Hawaii Company, Human Resources will be pressed by the C-Suite to source and recruit qualified candidates to fuel that expected growth. The burning question, is where do we find them?

The challenges in 2018 and beyond are, therefore, clear. for everyone involved in Human Resources Management & Recruiting in Hawaii.

In response, we have assembled an elite, Hawaii-based faculty to bring you innovative concepts in website & recruitment messaging, employee referral program design that really works, tips on event recruiting, interviewing concepts that reveal the real person behind the resume and effective strategies for converting candidates to employees.  Next,  we’ll turn our attention to strategies to turn boundless potential in your workforce to  a thriving and engaged workforce followed by strategies for effective pharmacy cost management and abatement of pharmaceutical opioids.

In the afternoon sessions we’ll explore employee management issues in providing ADA accommodations, avoiding & defending sexual harassment complaints and finish the day with the distribution of comparative information about leading HRMS software packages and explore at least 5 cyber-security measures for small, medium and large employers to stop invaders at the door.

You’ll learn this and more…

  • Proven website & recruitment messaging tips to improve search engine visibility & the quality of candidates.
  • Effective ways to improve Referral & Event recruitment results
  • Interviewing techniques that get to the real person behind the resume
  • Top performing HRMS systems & cyber-security measures to protect them
  • Creative ways to structure legally-viable ADA Accommodations & innovations that can aid recruitment & retention
  • Effective ways to avoid sexual harassment complaints & litigation and defend against them if they occur
  • How to curtail & reduce pharmacy costs & opioid