New Volunteer Manager Series 2 of 3: Establishing Priorities When Volunteer Managers Wear Multiple Hats

February 14, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

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It is not uncommon for volunteer managers to also be social workers, bereavement coordinators, or have other roles – especially in smaller programs. Volunteer programs contribute greatly to the patient/family experience and satisfaction scores and must comply with regulatory requirements.

While volunteer services can never be an afterthought, limited resources make it imperative that volunteer managers are efficient and effective with their time. Volunteer managers must learn to prioritize, be organized, and explore how to utilize volunteers in key positions. This timely webinar will cover these topics and focus on survival skills for volunteer managers who wear multiple hats.

Continuing Education:   Attendance verification for CE credits upon request


  • Efficient, creative ways to manage, assign, and keep up with volunteer needs
  • Prioritizing needs based on compliance and quality patient/family care parameters
  • Common pitfalls when time is limited
  • Reviewing policies, procedures, and position descriptions for relevant content
  • Creatively using “volunteer-volunteer managers” to supplement department operations
  • Prioritizing exercise
  • Self-assessment exercise
  • Volunteer program assessment exercise
  • Guide to assigning procedures
  • Examples of key policies and procedures
  • Handout with detailed notes
  • Resources for additional information
  • Reading lists

This informative session was designed with the new volunteer manager in mind, but will benefit both new and experienced volunteer managers, management, and leadership team members.

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Gary Gardia, MEd, MSW, LCSW
Gary Gardia, Inc.