Hawaii Health Care Forums

The Hawaii Health Care Forums grew out of the 2013 Hawaii Hospitals Community Health Needs Assessment. This statewide initiative was triggered by a new hospital community benefit requirement under the Affordable Care Act.

These gatherings represent the start of community conversations and collaborations, and they are part of the process that will inform the Hawaii State Department of Health’s State Health Improvement Plan.

2013 Hawaii Hospitals Community Health Needs Assessment

Starting this year, non-profit hospitals are required by the IRS to conduct a CHNA every three years, select priority community health needs identified in the assessment, and develop plans to address them through community benefit programs. The Healthcare Association of Hawaii (HAH) led a collaborative effort between 26 local hospitals that included the analysis of community health and hospital data, key informant interviews on all islands, and findings detailed in five reports by state and county. This occurred between October 2012 and March 2013. The State Department of Health (DOH) worked closely with HAH, lent expertise, and contributed information to the final reports. In July 2013, the DOH and HAH held a joint press conference to release CHNA findings.

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Community Gatherings

This new requirement provides a great opportunity for local organizations to improve population health through collaboration, sharing expertise, ideas, and plans, and leveraging resources. Stakeholders include those beyond the traditional healthcare or public health arena because community health affects us all.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (FRBSF) is the third sponsor of these Forums, and it makes the connection between community health and healthy communities. Our colleagues at the FRBSF bring knowledge of financial institutions and their Community Reinvestment Act initiatives in housing and workforce development, built environments, and community development.

In June 2013, the FRBSF and HAH co-sponsored a first community meeting to introduce CHNA findings and hospital priorities to a broad gathering of stakeholders. Participants included state agencies, financial institutions, foundations, hospitals, universities, health plans, healthcare providers, Native Hawaiian groups, and nonprofit health organizations. This gathering provided individuals with the opportunity to network and brainstorm about different community health indicators, including behavioral health, heart disease & stroke, chronic disease, physical activity and nutrition, education, transportation, and more. An identified next step was to convene meetings in local communities to continue this process.

1385069887In September and October, the DOH, FRBSF and HAH co-hosted a series of seven meetings on three islands that centered on local hospitals’ top community health priorities and brought together varied stakeholders to brainstorm solutions and commit resources and actions.

The regional gatherings addressed the following indicators:

  • Maui Island: Access to Health Services
  • West Oahu: Mental Health & Mental Disorders; Exercise, Nutrition, Weight & Diabetes; Heart Disease & Stroke; and Children with Developmental Delays
  • Kula Region: Immunization & Infectious Diseases
  • East Hawaii: Mental Health & Mental Disorders
  • North Hawaii: Diabetes; and Heart Disease & Stroke
  • Windward and North Shore Oahu: Access to Health Services; and Chronic Disease
  • Urban Honolulu: Exercise, Nutrition, Weight & Diabetes; Access to Health Services; and Older Adults & Aging

New participants included representatives from federal agencies (HUD, USDA, HHS), schools (DOE, universities, and community colleges), Federally Qualified Health Centers, Mayors’ Offices, and community-based organizations (rural health associations, Chambers of Commerce, food/agriculture agencies, etc.).


Meeting Recaps

Statewide Summit 11 20 2013

Urban Oahu Notes 10 16 2013

Windward and N Shore O’ahu Notes 10 14 2013

West Oahu Notes 9 24 2013

North Hawaii Notes 09 27 2013

East Hawaii Notes 09.26.2013

Maui Island Notes 09 23 2013

Kula Region Notes 09 25 2013 (2)


Statewide Summit

On November 20, 2013, HAH the DOH and FRBSF held a statewide summit to present a recap of the community gatherings and their outcomes, provide the space for new partners to learn about this locally-driven statewide effort, and officially launch the State Health Improvement Plan.


Community Development & The Affordable Care Act:
A presentation by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
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Summary of Community Gatherings and Hospital Priorities:
A presentation by the Healthcare Association of Hawaii
Download PDF Slides