Federal Issues

In addition to advocating for policy and legislation at the state level, HAH communicates with Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation about pending federal issues that will impact healthcare in Hawaii.

AHA statement from Rick Pollack to the U.S. House of Representatives

AHCA NCAL statement on House Republican repeal and replace

The following are federal issues HAH is supporting in 2017:

Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program

  • Adjusts the Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) to account for certain socioeconomic and health factors that can increase the risk of a patient’s readmission. (S. 688/H.R. 1343)

96-Hour Requirement for CAHs

  • Removes the 96-hour piece of the physician certification requirement as a condition of payment.  (S. 258/H.R. 169)

Graduate Medical Education and Training

  • Increases the number of Medicare-reimbursed GME slots by 15,000 over five years.  (S. 1148/H.R. 2124)

Medicare Adjustments for Rural Hospitals

  • Extends the Medicare-dependent hospital and low-volume hospital enhanced Medicare payments.  (S. 332/H.R. 663)

Provider Tax Program

  • Oppose efforts to reduce the federally-set cap of 6 percent for Medicaid provider fee programs.

Observation Status Towards SNF Requirement

  • Deem the time an individual spends under observation status as eligible to count toward satisfying the three-day stay requirement in order to access the skilled nursing facility benefit under Medicare Part A. (S. 843/H.R. 1571)

Home Health Care Planning Improvement (NAHC)

  • Allow payment for home health services to Medicare beneficiaries by a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist working in collaboration with a physician, a certified nurse midwife or physician assistant under physician’s supervision.  (S. 578/H.R. 1342)

Keeping Hospice Benefit Out of Medicare Advantage (NAHC)

  • Oppose efforts to include hospice in the Medicare Advantage benefit package.

Solution for Medicare DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program

  • Collaborate with the Congressional Delegation to find a long-term solution to the durable medical equipment access and payment issues in the state, especially for rural areas.

Work with National Leaders to Improve Medicare Reimbursements to Hawaii Providers

  • Urge the Congressional Delegation to secure support from their colleagues on reforms, initiatives or legislation to increase Medicare payments to Hawaii providers.