State Issues


HAH has broadened its definition of advocacy activities over the past year, by not only engaging in state and
federal legislative advocacy, but also by increasing efforts in regulatory and community advocacy. HAH has
always engaged in different types of advocacy, but by formalizing these new areas of focus we have been able
to achieve many successes this past year.
HAH’s priority bills that passed the 2017 legislative session include:

  • Surrogate decision makers acting as authorized representatives under Medicaid.
  • Expanded protections for assault against healthcare workers.

Measures that HAH opposed on behalf of its members include:

  • Onerous penalties if a patient chooses to be transferred to an unlicensed care home.
  • Mandating that a patient be accepted by an long term care facility from a hospital if the patient was transferred from that facility.
  • Ensuring that the definition of “confidential personal information” does not include medical record numbers.

HAH also supported the passage of other important healthcare legislation:

  • Allowing physicians to be licensed by endorsement from other state medical boards, which is intended to improve access to care.
  • Kupuna Caregivers program.
  • Funding for dialysis center licensing.