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2015 Hawaii Hospitals Community Health Needs Assessment Reports

This CHNA report was developed through a collaborative process and provides an overview of the health needs in Hawaii. The goal of this report is to offer a meaningful understanding of the health needs in the community, as well as help guide the hospitals in their community benefit planning efforts and development of an implementation strategy to address prioritized needs. Special attention has been given to identify health disparities, the needs of vulnerable populations, and unmet health needs or gaps in services. Although this report focuses on needs within the community, there are innumerable community assets and a true aloha spirit that provide ample foundation for community health improvement activities.

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Other Community Health Needs Assessments


In Fall 2012, the Healthcare Association of Hawaii partnered with Healthy Communities Institute to conduct a CHNA for Hawaii. Our approach followed the public health model of assessing and understanding community health holistically. A framework for analysis was constructed based on determinants of health; the framework included a broad definition of community health that considers extensive secondary data on the social, economic, and physical environments, as well as health risks and outcomes. The influence of mauka (“toward the mountains”), or upstream factors, and the resulting makai (“toward the ocean”), or downstream impacts, on health is a transcending theme. Key informant interviews with those having special knowledge of health needs, health disparities, and vulnerable populations provided vital information that increased the understanding of the health needs in Hawaii. A small set of community residents provided additional insights on the health needs in Hawaii. It is hoped that this report will provide a foundation for community health improvement efforts and that community health partners will build on this report.

These reports, along with individual hospitals’ community benefit plans, were publically released in July 2013.

2013 Hawaii Hospitals Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Reports

2013 STATE Report IMG_1103



2013 KAUAI COUNTY Report

2013 MAUI COUNTY  Report


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