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Hawaii Hospitals Participate in RIMPAC 2016

HAH Emergency Services, a division of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii, is coordinating the participation of 18 Hawaii hospitals on four islands in the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) which is part of RIMPAC 2016 on July 14 and 15.


“Patient” Arrival and Treatment at Hawaii Hospitals

Simulated patient care at Hawaii hospitals will take place on (Thursday), July 14th. Visual elements: rotary wing aircraft landing (“Blackhawk” UH-60); C-130 landing, and ambulance bus arrivals, bringing simulated casualties with moulage (mock injuries molded from rubber or latex). Medical surge preparations, triage and patient treatment at the hospitals.

The purpose of HAH Emergency Services and hospital participation in this exercise is to further enhance emergency response procedures that would be utilized in major emergencies and disasters in Hawaii. Casualty-actors will include individuals who have sustained traumatic injuries, illness from infectious disease – even domestic pets will be managed by HAH Emergency Services.

This marks only the second time in RIMPAC history that civilian medical response teams have participated in RIMPAC.

Fact Sheet

18 Participating Hospitals, AMR ambulance, others

American Medical Response
Castle Medical Center
Hawaii Disaster Medical Assistance Team
Hilo Medical Center
Kahi Mohala
Kahuku Medical Center
Kaiser Foundation Hospital
Kalawao Rescue
Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children
Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital
Kona Community Hospital
Kuakini Medical Center
Molokai General Hospital
North Hawaii Community Hospital
Pali Momi Medical Center
Regional Health Command Pacific
Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital
Straub Medical Center
The Queen’s Medical Center – Punchbowl
The Queen’s Medical Center – West Oahu
Tripler Army Medical Center
Wahiawa General Hospital

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What is HAH Emergency Services?

HAH Emergency Services, a division of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii, provides emergency preparedness and operations management services to 130 healthcare coalition members throughout the state of Hawaii including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home care and hospice, community health centers, air and ground ambulance, blood banks and clinical laboratories. These services are provided in close collaboration with the State Department of Health (DOH) and other federal, state, and county agencies.

HAH Emergency Services is one of three federally recognized health care coalitions (along with Indianapolis and DC) that serve as exemplars for the rest of the nation.

Emergency Services Core Missions Fact Sheet

ACM Fact Sheet

What is Hawaii DMAT?

HAH Emergency Services deploys emergency response teams (Hawaii Disaster Medical Assistance Team and Kalawao Rescue) for casualty care, aeromedical transport, medical surge and incident management.

Hawaii Disaster Medical Assistance Team (Hawaii DMAT) is a trained corps of medical professionals who respond to calls for medical surge, disaster and humanitarian assistance throughout the U.S. and the Pacific Region. There are currently more than 75 members of Hawaii DMAT. Hawaii DMAT provides on-scene high acuity casualty care services within 2 to 4 hours of request.

Hawaii DMAT is also known as Kalawao Rescue within the State of Hawaii; a nonfederal configuration of the team that provides enhanced services to the State of Hawaii. Kalawao Rescue is administered by HAH Emergency Services.


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